The Cohasset


Just like the Bay State former ship-building community for which it’s named, the Cohasset Shed is constructed with a durable, no-nonsense design that holds beauty in its simplicity. This solid structure features a barn-style door that slides on tracks for ease of use (especially when your hands are full.)



BIGGER (10' to 12')

10 x 10A$4,583.00$5,287.00$5,730.00
10 x 12A$5,074.00$5,929.00$6,285.00
10 x 14A$5,478.00$6,299.00$6,766.00
10 x 16*A$6,207.00$6,943.00$7,460.00
10 x 18*A$6,487.00$7,391.00$7,964.00
10 x 20*A$6,908.00$7,999.00$8,455.00
12 x 12A$5,560.00$6,487.00$6,804.00
12 x 14A$6,117.00$7,028.00$7,437.00
12 x 16*A$6,812.00$7,852.00$8,218.00
12 x 18*A$7,271.00$8,434.00$8,785.00
12 x 20*A$7,838.00$8,877.00$9,342.00

* Shed comes standard with 24×27 windows.

BIGGEST (14' to 16')

14 x 14A$6,766.00$7,692.00$8,226.00
14 x 16*A$7,559.00$8,706.00$9,041.00
14 x 18*A$8,116.00$9,338.00$9,673.00
14 x 20*A$8,747.00$9,980.00$10,359.00
14 x 24*A$9,935.00$11,276.00$11,599.00
16 x 16*A$8,998.00$10,257.00$10,483.00
16 x 18*A$9,611.00$11,053.00$11,533.00
16 x 20*A$10,570.00$12,049.00$12,314.00
16 x 24*A$12,432.00$14,172.00$14,484.00

* Shed comes standard with 24×27 windows.

More sizes and options are available. You can call us at 1-800-537-0053 for more information, or email