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Do you have an old shed in your yard? Perhaps it was there when you bought your home. It may have never matched your aesthetic or lifestyle despite serving you for years. When you think about your old shed, does it fit into your vision for your property? Even if you love your old shed, have you outgrown it? Is the building still dependable?

It may be time to replace the shed in your yard with one that better fits your needs and reflects your style. With a custom shed, you can create an entirely new space designed precisely for how you want to use it. Whether you’re looking for more garden and outdoor storage or a new space to transform into an office, bar, or pool house – you can create exactly what you need with a custom shed.

To help you determine if your old shed needs replacing, we have compiled a list to use when evaluating your existing building. These all point to the probability that it’s time for a new shed. Let’s begin with the condition of the exterior.

12X18 Cohasset with extended eaves, 6′ sliding door, two extra-large windows with trim, Celect® board and batten siding, frieze board trim, and aluminum ramp system

1: Deteriorating Exteriors 

The shed’s exterior withstands the most wear and tear. It has to survive the changing seasons and the weather that follows.

Older sheds may not be crafted from the same home-quality modern building materials used in contemporary designs. When these woods and lesser building materials are exposed to the elements over decades of use, they degrade.

Look at your old shed’s exterior. Do you notice any of the following?

Does your shed have rotted, cracked, or otherwise broken siding? This type of damage creates openings that leave the interior exposed.

Examine the shed’s roof. Suppose you notice any holes, cracks, rot, or bare spots where shingles once were. In that case, this could indicate that the roof can no longer protect the interior adequately.

Take a peek at the windows. Look for broken window panes, rot around windows, and windows that no longer open and close as designed. These are all signs that the windows are no longer doing their job.
Evaluate your shed’s doors. Is there a large gap between the floor and the floor? Do doors drag and scrape against the ground, making them hard to open? Is there rot or deterioration of wood around the door frames?

If you notice any of the above, it may be time to look for a new shed. If you saw multiple things on the list, it’s definitely time to replace your old shed.

2: Infestations 

As a small, exterior building separate from the rest of your home, old sheds are often a favorite spot for pests looking to create new homes of their own. Particularly pesky pest infestations include termites and carpenter ants, rodents such as mice, rats, and squirrels, and hive-makers like bees, hornets, and wasps.

If you suspect that an uninvited guest has turned your current shed into its domicile, here are some general signs to watch for:

  • A visible beehive, wasp’s nest, or hornet’s nest along an exterior wall, in corners, or under eaves  
  • The sound of buzzing could also indicate a nest inside the wall or in the ceiling 
  • Scurrying or scratching sounds beneath the floor, in the walls, or in the ceiling 
  • A small hole or series of holes along the base of the wall or underneath the floor
  • Tiny, pellet-like droppings from mice or another similar animal 
  • Small piles of sawdust that seem to appear spontaneously 

Depending on which type of pest has called your old shed their new home, replacing it may prove easier than fighting the infestation. Install a new shed with added protective features designed to prevent insects and rodents from entering so you can enjoy your dream space uninterrupted. 

3: Size Limitations 

Your old shed may simply not feature enough floor space to accomplish what you have envisioned for your yard. If you have a big dream, you may need a bigger building to bring it to life.

Conversely, your shed may feel too large and open for your needs. Instead of maintaining a larger building, you might desire a cozier and more intimate space for your intended use.

With a custom shed, you can determine the exact square footage so that your new space is faithfully sized to match your dream. From a small pool house to an entertainment hub with a large covered serving area, design something that is built for just you and for how you plan to use it.

Custom sheds may also be created with more than one purpose in mind. For example, install a partition so you may use half of the space to entertain your friends and family. This will leave the other half free for storing lawn care equipment and gardening tools. With a divider, you may use each section as you see fit.

10X18 Cohasset with extended eaves, 5’ transom window with trim over 5′ sliding door, 8’ shed dormer, three side windows with trim, and pine siding

4: Desire for a More Modern Design

Old sheds feature a familiar, rustic aesthetic that has developed over time. As mentioned above, many of them lack the modern design features and quality materials used in newer custom builds.

Newly built sheds are constructed with the highest quality contemporary building materials. That includes your choice of durable manufactured siding options or premium woods that may be treated, finished, or painted for extra protection. Additional contemporary features for your personal escape help complete the experience and may include:

  • Insulated doors and windows
  • Built-in shelving and countertops
  • Storage lofts to save floor space
  • Custom window configurations 
  • Custom doorways and porches
  • Professionally installed electrical connection
  • Architectural roof shingles and premium siding options

These are just examples of the endless combinations of options you may consider incorporating into your new shed. If you can dream it, it can be brought to life! Work with a custom shed builder to create a design that matches your vision for your property and purpose.

Replace Your Old New England Shed with a Custom Design

Our team at Post Woodworking has built and installed countless custom sheds for New England homeowners since 1962. We provide the highest level of customer service and use only the finest building materials to deliver on your biggest outdoor dreams.

If you are ready to replace your old shed with one custom-built for your vision, use our Shedview tool to start creating your own design, or contact us today to learn more.

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