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Are you looking to build a shed as big as your dreams? Sometimes, that requires a little extra space! If you are looking to design your own custom large shed, you may be wondering what are some ways that you can use it to create new lasting memories with those that matter most to you?

Today, we are going to cover some unique ideas for how you can put your big shed to use!

1. Create a Live-Work-Play Space with Room Partitions

Do you need a space to work on your hobbies, but also want to have a place to relax and unwind? By using room partitions, big sheds can easily be turned into the perfect live-work-play spot! This is a great way to make use of all that extra space and keep everything organized at the same time.

14X20 Cohasset with 10′ gable dormer, multiple transom windows, three large side windows with trim and shutters, 6′ sliding door, and vinyl siding

For example, you could turn one end of the shed into your own poolside bar, while the other half could be used for your own home office or personal studio. You could even add a third partition and create your own pool house!

2. Turn Your Shed Into the Ultimate Home Pub 

Do you love to entertain but wish you had somewhere other than your home to do so? If you have a big shed, you can easily turn it into the ultimate home pub! This is the perfect spot to host all of your friends and family for game nights, happy hour, or even watching the big game.

With the extra floor space that comes with a big shed, you could consider designing a completely indoor pub space for you and your friends. Some ideas for an indoor bar shed could include:

  • Electrical connection to brighten up your space and liven up the possibilities 
  • Ceiling fans or air conditioning units for the warm New England summers
  • Heating systems for the cool and crisp New England winters
  • Game equipment like pool tables, dart boards, and arcade cabinets
  • A custom-built bar top and built-in shelves to store your drinks
  • A water utility connection for sinks
  • A fridge and/or wine chiller to keep your favorite drinks fresh
  • A wall-mounted flatscreen TV to catch the next big game
  • Surround-sound speakers to feel like you’re at your favorite artist’s concert or on the field during the game
  • Built-in wooden booths and tables
  • An outdoor service counter for your poolside guests

3. Create a Second Living Room

Want to create a fun new space for your guests in the middle of your backyard? Create a second living room in your new big shed! Decorate it with some comfy sofas, install a television and speaker system, and add personal mementos or curio cabinets to help make it feel like your own home (just a few feet) away from home.

4. Design the Ultimate Home Theater

Bring the thrill of the big screen right to your backyard! With some professionally installed electrical connections and some comfortable seating, you can transform your shed into the ultimate home theater with a large screen or projector and a mini-fridge to keep your favorite beverages fresh. You’ll quickly find more of your friends reserving their seats at your shed than buying tickets at the theater. 

5. Turn Your Shed Into a Complete Home Office

Do you work from home but find that your house is too full of distractions? Create the perfect home office space in your big shed! This way, you can have all of the peace and quiet that you need to get your work done, while still being close to all of the comforts of home.

Depending on the size of the shed, you could even install room partitions to create your own conference room, private offices, and kitchenette. This could be the perfect cost-effective solution to all your work-from-home needs.

14X20 Lexington with cedar shingle siding and a 5′ patio door

6. Grow Your Favorite Plants in a Spacious Greenhouse

Do you love gardening but don’t have enough space to start your seeds and nurture your plants indoors over winter? Have you always imagined growing tropical plants but don’t have a suitable environment for them? If you have a big shed, you can easily turn it into the perfect greenhouse! This is a great way to get more use out of your shed and grow all of your favorite plants year-round.

To turn your shed into a successful greenhouse, there are a few things you’ll need to do:

  • Install shelves or hanging racks for your plants
  • Add ventilation to control the temperature and humidity
  • Create a watering system using hoses, sprinklers, or a drip irrigation system
  • Install grow lights if your shed doesn’t get enough natural light
  • Add weatherproofing to protect your plants from extreme temperatures

Let’s Build Your New Big Shed Together 

Since 1962, Post Woodworking has designed and built custom big sheds for homeowners like you across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Southern Maine. We take pride in our history of bringing grand shed dreams to life! If you are looking to do the same, we are here to help you through every step of the process. Contact us today to learn more about oversized designs or start playing with your own ideas using our Shedview tool.

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