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Use Your New Garage Workshop to Create Lasting Memories

A custom garage that’s designed to match your vision can open up endless possibilities to create new, lasting memories with friends and family. Many of our customers decide to transform their garage into their dream workshop where they can pursue their passion projects.

Many custom garage features like insulated doors and windows, storage lofts, and built-in shelving can bring your dream to life in ways that you may have never imagined. From hobbyist woodworking projects to conducting remote office work, restoring a classic car, or investing your time and energy into your latest art project, these features can all contribute to a more comfortable space that’s all your own! 

Let’s explore some ideas that you can use as inspiration for your own dream custom garage workshop.

An Art Studio 

Artists produce their best work when they feel inspired in a space that encourages their creativity. Having a dedicated studio space on your property can give you that freedom you need without worrying about any materials spilling over into the rest of your home. Nothing dampens the mood like having to clean up a paint spill on the dining room floor! 

For the artist in you, these custom features might prove useful when you’re working on a project in your new garage-turned-studio: 

  • Stain-resistant finishes for easy cleanup
  • Insulated doors and windows to keep your art supplies in pristine condition and protect your pieces from excessive temperature changes  
  • Storage lofts to store your extra materials
26X24 custom double bay garage with triple attic windows, second-story with stairs, dual insulated custom paneled garage doors with windows, and white cedar shake siding and PVC trim

At-Home Autobody Shop 

For car enthusiasts, few pleasures in life can compare to starting and completing a new project. Whether you’re optimizing your daily driver or restoring a vintage American classic, having your own space to store your tools and your vehicles can bring your passion to life. 

Some handy features you might like to add to your own garage workshop include: 

  • Custom shelving, workbenches, and storage racks for your tools
  • Multiple garage bays to store both your passion project and every day ride
  • Room partitions to separate your autobody workshop from the rest of your garage
  • Custom windows to ventilate your workspace and bring in the fresh New England air
  • Smooth concrete flooring to handle wear-and-tear that comes with car restoration work
  • Insulated doors and windows to protect your classic from the elements
24X40 double bay garage with custom truss and gambrel roof, 42″ cupola with light mount, 14′ wall height, front and rear garage doors, and HardiePlank® siding

Home Office 

Working at home is more popular than ever. To help you relax, focus, and remain productive, having your own dedicated workspace can help make a Monday feel like a Friday. Turning all or part of your garage into your own home office can give you that personal space you need to get the job done while staying close enough to home to remain available to anyone who needs you.  

Some features you might want to consider for a custom home office may include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Room partitions to separate your workspace from the rest of your garage 
  • Utility connections to power your work devices 
  • Storage lofts to clear even more floor space for your work area
  • Built-in shelving for decorating your new office and storing important work items
  • A separate garage entrance for your office area and your storage space 
  • High-quality floor finishes to give your office the feel of a highrise corner unit in the big city 
  • Large windows to let in the daylight while you’re working

Music Studio

Whether you want to create a rehearsal room or build your own recording studio, a dedicated creative space gives you the freedom you need to play your instruments or sing as loud as you like when you like. 

As many musicians know, playing for hours on end at home can sometimes result in less-musical family members asking you to “keep it down” when you’re in the middle of a breakthrough on that new song or getting lost in your favorite guitar riff. Having a separate space dedicated to your craft can provide you with the ability to play as loud and often as you need while your loved ones relax in the rest of the house.

If you’re interested in turning your custom garage into your own music studio, here are some features to consider: 

  • Insulated windows and doors to protect electronics from seasonal temperature damage
  • Storage loft to increase the amount of available floor space for your gear 
  • Room partitions to create sound booths, live rooms, and mixing stations for studio sessions
  • Exposed studs to know exactly where to wall-mount your favorite instruments 
  • Utility connections for amps, PA speakers, and electronics
28X24 double bay garage with vaulted truss, 30″ cupola with copper roof, insulated garage doors with glass inserts, two side doors, insulated windows, and vinyl siding

Home Woodworking Shop 

We love the art of woodworking; it’s in our name after all! Our mission to create beautiful sheds and garages for our customers stems from the same place in our hearts as someone building their own pieces in their home workshop. Nothing beats the feeling of an excellent finished woodworking project.

Whether you’re building your own furniture or creating small decorative pieces, here are some ideas to consider for your own garage woodworking shop

  • Storage lofts to keep your lumber and completed pieces out of harm’s way
  • Room partitions to keep your woodworking equipment separate from your other tools
  • Custom built-in shelving and countertops to provide a sturdy workspace 
  • Separate entrances so you can lock sharp equipment away when you’re not using it 
  • Utility connections to power your woodworking tools 
  • Large windows to help ventilate your space and let the beauty of nature inspire your projects
24X32 double bay garage with attic and side windows, 4-Lite garage doors, 9-Lite side door, and vinyl siding

Start Building Your Own Garage Workshop Today 

If you’re looking for a beautifully designed custom garage workshop, we’re excited to help you bring your dream to life. Since 1962, we’ve built countless custom at-home work spaces for our neighbors in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Southern Maine. To get started on bringing your vision to life, contact us anytime to learn more.

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