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Picture it: a beautiful backyard, complete with a custom-built shed that acts as your own personal escape. Maybe it’s a cozy little space where you can curl up with a good book, or a place to house your gardening supplies and nurture your green thumb

However you use it, a custom shed can offer a unique sense of style and functionality that will make you fall in love with your outdoor space all over again. 

Are you considering adding a new shed to your yard? If so, you may be wondering what could be possible when taking your shed design from an initial idea to the finished product of your dreams. 

Today, we’ll go over three of the unique perks you’ll only get from choosing a custom shed builder. To help you make your vision a reality, we’ll cover how to create a purpose-driven design inspired by your needs. 

1. Built with Purpose in Mind 

Custom sheds are the perfect solution for when you need a little more extra space but don’t want the hassle and expense of building an addition to your home. Working with a shed building company, your project can be designed to perfectly suit your needs, whether that’s for a simple storage shed or something more elaborate. If you’re looking for a place to work or pursue your hobbies, or if you simply desire a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, you can find it with a custom dream shed.

If you love to entertain, consider designing a shed that includes a custom bar top, serving window, and seating area. Or, if you work from home, why not create a private office or studio free from the distractions of daily life? 

16X24 Nantucket with cupola, 10’ overhang with open truss design, Trex® decking, PVC-wrapped square columns, 8’ sliding doors, and vinyl siding

To help you get the most out of your new personal escape, the shed builder can also include other interior features. These may be tailor-made to suit your needs and your plans for your new space. For example, you may with to include specific helpful features, including:  

If you decide to go bigger, a custom larger shed may be designed to suit more than one purpose. This opens up more room for you to use the shed exactly as you imagined without having to worry about tight floor space or clashing aesthetics.

2. Completely Customizable Dimensions

When you feel inspired to add a shed to your yard, one of the first decisions to consider is whether you want to choose a custom option or a pre-manufactured one from a catalog or retail outlet. While both may be able to suit your needs to some degree, there are some unique advantages that you’ll only find with a custom shed. 

While many pre-manufactured options offer a quick turnaround time and a stylish appearance, they are often limited by their dimensions. Choosing from a set of predetermined sizes means you may need to perform aftermarket modifications to suit your preferences, such as installing extra windows or adding make-shift room dividers or DIY lofts. 

On the other hand, going with a custom-built shed from bespoke woodworkers allows you to design a personal escape that is sized and laid out according to your exact specifications. From the length and width of the building to the height of the walls, you can design your building to provide the exact amount of space that you need!

3. An Aesthetic Extension of Your Home 

Are you someone who finds beauty in consistency and symmetry? Maybe you love bold, stand-out styles? 

Depending on how you envision the exterior of your shed, you can design it either to match the aesthetics of your home or stand out as its own statement piece in your yard. Choose from near-endless combinations of siding and roofing colors and materials for a look that you’ll absolutely love outside and inside!

The breezy porch on this 10X20 Hampton gives swimmers and pool party goers a place to relax in the shade, while the Trex® decking protects their bare feet from splinters.

Say more with custom doors – add a standout feature to your new shed. When you work with a custom shed builder, you can select from multiple door options in a variety of colors and materials, including: 

  • Solid doors or 3, 6, 9, and 15-Lite doors
  • Old-fashioned wooden doors
  • Standard hinge doors
  • French doors 
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Tracked barn doors
  • Hinged barn doors 
  • Crossbuck style barn doors
  • Electric garage doors for oversized sheds

Work with a Custom Shed Builder in New England for Your Next Project

Post Woodworking has designed and installed custom-built sheds for homeowners throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and southern Maine since 1962. Share your vision for a dream shed and we’ll bring it to life through exceptional customer service and a bespoke shed design and building experience. 

To start making your own ideas a reality, check out our digital Shedview tool, view our shed styles for more inspiration, or contact us anytime.

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