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Your dream garage has been installed, complete with personalized finishing touches from the durable roofing shingles to the smooth concrete floor. Now that your building is ready to use, it’s time to bring its endless possibilities to life! 

Whether attached or detached, your Post Woodworking garage is an extension of your home. It has the potential to reflect and even enhance your unique personality, hobbies, and interests. So, how will you turn your new blank canvas into the finished design you have always envisioned? 

Perhaps you plan to use your garage to house a favorite vehicle and have included extra space for a workshop. Maybe you’re inspired to create a multi-functional space to pursue a lifelong passion project, or build a makerspace for crafting new memories with your loved ones. No matter what you have in store for your garage, the most important thing is to make it your own. 

While some people appreciate the rustic charm of exposed wooden walls and smooth concrete floors, many homeowners also love finishing their garage interiors to extend the comforts of their home to their new space. 

If a finished garage interior appeals to your creative senses, you may also seek some inspiration to bring your vision to life. Today, we’ll review ways to transform your garage and make the most of your building’s potential. 

24X26 Completely Custom Lookout garage with second story and shed dormer, black insulated windows, insulated garage doors with glass inserts, and Hardie® board and batten siding

1. Finish the Interior Walls with Your Favorite Colors

Though wooden walls radiate their own beauty, adding your favorite colors can brighten the mood of the space. Wall colors may also carry on a theme you want to establish for your garage’s interior. The three most common methods for altering the appearance of the walls are staining the wood, painting the wood, and installing and painting drywall. 

Pigmented stains can add unique colors to the wall while preserving natural wood grain and texture. However, most stains will result in a more subtle and muted appearance. When it comes to wood stains, the more coats, the better. 

Painting the wood is another simple and effective option if you prefer bold, bright colors that stand out and make a statement. We recommend using primer and paint designed specifically for wood surfaces. Surface-specific paint will bond to the surface properly without flaking, chipping, or peeling. 

You may install drywall over exposed wood and paint it. You can further tie your garage to your home by choosing the same wall color as your living space. If you’re looking for something different, consider choosing a new color palette. Choose whatever will make your space feel like it’s truly your own. 

2. Add a Finished Floor 

When it comes to garage floors, the options are endless. While Post doesn’t recommend altering the flooring on any drive-on or parking surface (unless you’re going with mats or epoxy), we know your garage is so much more than a parking space. Other flooring areas, like upstairs lofts, downstairs workshops, and walkways, are rife with opportunities for further personalization. 

While a few coats of paint on the walls might be all it takes to transform your garage from a catch-all space into a stylish retreat, your building’s floors also hold endless potential. When altering any area of your garage’s flooring, consider the indoor/outdoor nature of your building and ensure the product you choose will be both slip and water-resistant. 

There are many colors, textures, and styles to choose from when making flooring a true focal point for your space. You may decide to:

Add interest with color: A fresh coat of epoxy in an unexpected hue can brighten up your space and give it more personality. The epoxy coating will also add a sleek sheen to the surface and protect the concrete underneath.

Create contrast with texture: If you’re looking to add some visual interest to your floor, especially in a lofted space, consider installing a premium hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring adds warmth and comfort to your dream space while creating a unique texture that can tie together the rest of your decor. 

Go natural with stone: If you want your garage floor to look more natural, try using stone tiles. Not only do they look great, but they’re also durable and easy to clean. Best of all, they come in many different colors and styles to suit any taste.

3: Install Electrical, Heat, and Air Conditioning 

One of the best ways to recreate the feeling of home in your garage is to install some basic creature comforts, such as electrical, heat, and air conditioning. Not only will this help provide year-round comfort, but you can also connect your favorite devices for relaxing with friends and family, working in a home office, or just enjoying some time to yourself in your new space. 

4: Create Multiple Spaces with Room Dividers 

Want to use your finished garage for more than just one purpose? Installing one or more room dividers can create distinct spaces within the garage to keep your items and aesthetics separated. For example, you could divide your garage in half and keep one side as a hangout or work from home office and the other for storing your car. 

24X24 Traditional Two-Bay with cupola, attic and staircase, eyebrow roof, extra-large windows, insulated garages doors with glass inserts, Georgia-Pacific® vinyl siding, and Cedar Spectrum® vinyl shakes on gable walls

5: Add Elegant Storage with Built-In Counters and Shelves

When designing your finished garage, consider adding some built-in countertops and shelves into your plans. Not only will they be constructed with the same woods as your walls, but they will last far longer than something added after the fact. 

You could use built-in shelves to organize your favorite possessions, create a display of your collectibles, or keep workshop materials off the floor. Built-in countertops may also be used for storage, adding additional workspace for pursuing your passion project, or as a serving area for a garage bar or pub area.

Design Your Own Custom Garage in New England

Since 1962, our team at Post Woodworking has designed and installed countless one-of-a-kind sheds and garages for homeowners across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Southern Maine. We strive to provide the most complete turnkey garage building service, including foundation work and full electrical connections. 

Start designing your dream garage. Contact us today to bring your dreams to life. 

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