Garage Pricing

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Starting prices below are for double bay garages in standard vinyl siding. Contact Post for more information on custom options and to receive a personalized quote for your building. Estimate pricing for custom, smaller single-bay sizes and larger multiple-bay designs available upon request. Site-work, foundation, and electrical costs are quoted on an individual project level and are not included in the pricing below.

Garage Starting Prices

SizeGarage door sizeStarting Price
20 x 208' x 7'$29,784.77
20 x 228' x 7'$31,524.48
20 x 248' x 7'$33,211.78
20 x 268' x 7'$34,976.45
22 x 228' x 7'$33,418.94
22 x 248' x 7'$35,335.87
22 x 268' x 7'$37,242.82
24 x 249' x 7'$37,572.29
24 x 269' x 7'$39,753.79
24 x 289' x 7'$41,837.95
24 x 309' x 7'$43,932.10


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Taller WallsHigher walls create more possibilities for everything from increased overhead clearance and taller second-story spaces to extra wall storage.
AtticMake the most of your building with a partial or full attic that is easy to access via a full staircase or concealed pull-down stairs.
Eyebrow RoofEasy on the eyes, this small protruding roof extends over the garage doors to divert water, provide a little shade, and add curb appeal.
12” Extended EvesAdd extra weather protection to your building, defend against water damage to doors, windows, and siding with attractive extended eves.
6' Doghouse Dormer with windowThe peaked roof on this traditional dormer adds intrigue to any roofline, while the large vertical window lightens and brightens your interior space.
Transom WindowPlace a transom over a garage door or atop side windows to boost the natural light inside your space and add instant elegance to your building’s exterior.
CarportCreate a bonus covered area with an open-sided carport-–an ideal spot for storing utility and farming vehicles or working on fixer-upper projects.
Add 8' x 7' Garage DoorAdd another garage door to your building along the rear wall to create a drive-through bay or along a side wall for easier workshop access.
Add 9' x 7' Garage DoorA larger door makes getting larger vehicles in and out easier; add another door along the rear wall to create a drive-through bay.
Add 36” x 48” WindowAllow more natural light into your workspace, brighten up the second story, and add exterior balance with a conveniently placed bonus window.