As a homeowner, you want your custom shed to match your vision for the rest of your living space. Personalizing your experience results in a more comfortable and enjoyable environment. With a shed built for your exact needs, you can extend your creative vision to the backyard! 

Like you, we’re big dreamers that share a passion for personalized properties. To help you get started, we’ve compiled five must-have custom shed features that you’ll be sure to love.

Storage Lofts

Sheds are no longer that old, beat-up wooden structure in the back of your yard. More and more people are integrating them into their living experience. If you want to entertain guests or relax in your shed, consider adding a storage loft.. This extra space creates more room for storing yard equipment without competing for floor space. 

Insulated Doors and Windows 

New England offers beautiful, bright summers and cold winters, but who says you can’t enjoy your custom shed year-round? One way to help maintain a more stable indoor climate is to insulate your doors and windows. 

We especially recommend insulation for window-heavy shed models like our Hampton design. Insulated windows and doors will help protect temperature-sensitive items and create a more comfortable environment throughout all four seasons. 

14X20 Lexington with cedar shingle siding and a 5′ patio door


Like you, we want everyone to enjoy your custom shed as much as you will. Depending on how high it is elevated, you may want to consider some accessibility features. 

Need a more supportive ramp? Our aluminum ramp system can provide a more sturdy surface for people who rely on wheelchairs for mobility. This way, you can ensure that everyone that comes to visit can enjoy your backyard safely. 

Multi-Use Functionality 

Bars, she-sheds, pool houses, these are just some of the countless ways people are personalizing their custom sheds. To suit multiple occasions, our customers often tell us they want their sheds to suit multiple purposes. 

For projects where designing a shed for multi-use functionality is a priority, we suggest considering a larger custom building. These offer more floor space, loft space, and options for room partitions. This way, you can enjoy your shed to its fullest without work equipment cluttering your entertainment. 

Utility Connections 

As sheds are becoming more popular for uses other than equipment storage, you may want to consider adding utility connections. For example, our Nantucket design makes an excellent option for many customers to use as an outdoor bar or kitchen space. Complete the experience by adding a water line for a sink or electric and cable to watch your favorite shows outside. 

Ready to Make Your Custom Shed a Reality? 

Feeling inspired to start designing the custom shed of your dreams? If so, we’re excited to start working with you. Check out our digital shed designer where you can mix-and-match custom features along with an estimate calculator.

Want more information about the best customization options for your needs? You can also contact us directly at any time.

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