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A beautiful garden can create an explosion of color and add an extra dimension of vibrance to any yard. The tools that you use to plant and grow your bountiful garden are just as important as the health of the plants themselves. 

Custom-designing a garden tool shed can benefit anyone with a passion for gardening, from hobbyists to long-time green thumbs. Storing your equipment in a beautiful space crafted exactly to match your vision can enhance the gardening experience tenfold. 

Are you looking for some inspiration for your own custom gardening shed? Here are some ideas to get you started:

1: Create a Statement Piece in Your Yard

Love the idea of an eye-catching shed that’s a true statement piece in your yard and garden? You can easily custom-design a shed that offers a personality all its own! From unique window configurations to choosing a bold color for your front door, your imagination is the limit.

12X20 Lexington with 9-Lite doors, dual ramps, and vinyl siding

2: Match the Siding and Roof to Your Home 

While many people prefer their shed to be a standout statement piece, others may prefer a more cohesive aesthetic. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to design a shed’s exterior, and the decision ultimately comes down to your personal preference! 

Unlike most models from big-box stores and catalogs, you have far more control over the colors of the roof shingles, siding, and trim with a custom-built shed. You can select a roof and siding color that matches the rest of your home. You also have the option to decide on custom window sizes, configurations, and placement if you want to create a miniature version of your home’s design for your gardening projects.

3: Add a Porch to Catch Some Shade on a Hot Day 

Adding a front porch to your shed can provide some much-appreciated shade while you toil away in your garden on a hot New England day. Take a break in the shade or tend to your pre-planting work out of the sunlight while you prepare to add new life to your garden! 

Would you like some visual models of what a shed with a porch can look like? Check out the Hampton model here.

8X12 Hampton with custom weathervane and cupola, 9-Lite doors, ramp, and composite decking on porch

4: Bring Farmhouse Charm to Your New England Yard

Want to bring the timeless look of a well-constructed barn to your own backyard? It’s possible to capture this aesthetic with a custom garden shed.

Consider designing a shed with a sturdy stone base, complemented by textured wood siding, and finished with large, bold barn-style sliding doors. These doors not only look incredible, but they are easy to slide open and closed, which is always appreciated after a long day of hard work in the sun. 

Check out the barn-style and sliding doors on the Cohasset.

16X20 Cohasset with transom window, cedar clapboard and vertical cedar siding, and ramp

5: Turn the Shed’s Interior Into Your Dream Gardening Center

Whether you are someone looking to build a convenient potting shed in your yard or want an oversized place to store all of your heavy-duty equipment, you can design your shed’s interior to create your dream gardening center. 

Here are some popular options for customizing a garden tool shed from the inside: 

Built-In Storage Shelves

Design built-in storage shelves that are laid out for your exact needs. Whether you are looking for a few long shelves to store pots and gardening equipment or a series of smaller ones for keeping seeds organized, there are endless possible combinations and configurations. 

Custom-Designed Workbenches

Plan to start seeds and pot up plants in your shed or need a place to repair some equipment? A beautiful custom-designed workbench can be built into the walls of your shed so that you always have a place to pursue your passions.

Storage Loft

Storage lofts can help create more open floor space and provide a safe place to store gardening supplies and equipment. Add drop-down stairs or a small staircase to make accessing your out-of-season items even easier. 

Room Partition 

Plan on using your shed for more than just gardening? Perhaps you want to create a relaxing retreat space or a mid-garden tea room in one section and tool storage in another. A room partition can create that much-desired division so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds without having to worry about them colliding. 

Insulated Windows and Doors

Depending on the equipment and supplies you store in your shed throughout the year, some items might be sensitive to environmental temperature swings. Insulated windows and doors help keep the air inside cool or warm (depending on the season) while stopping drafts and better protecting the interior from the elements. 

Electrical Connections 

A professionally installed electrical connection in your shed can help complete the gardening experience. Eliminate the need to run long extension cords from your home to take care of outdoor tasks.  

Instead, you can use your shed’s outlets for a variety of uses, such as: 

  • Powering up electric gardening tools
  • Recharging batteries for lawnmowers and weed whackers
  • Lighting up your shed’s interior 
  • Adding a heating or air conditioning system for climate control 
  • Installing a television to watch your favorite movies and shows while you garden 
  • Installing a mini-fridge or water cooler so you always have a cold drink on hand when you’re working in your yard! 

Design Your Own Custom Garden Tool Shed in New England Today

Since 1962,  Post Woodworking has designed and built countless custom sheds for our neighbors with big garden dreams. We’re proud to serve outdoor enthusiasts throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and southern Maine. If you have a vision for your own gardening shed, start bringing it to life with our digital Shedview tool. For more help, contact us today to talk about designing your project; let’s bring your vision to life.

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