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For Every Tree It Takes, We’ll Plant Three

For over 50 years, Post Woodworking has been dedicated to providing our clients and their families with the outdoor spaces they have always envisioned. We take pride in providing each family we serve with a structure that fits their present and future needs and helps them make the most of the natural world right in their own backyard. 

In our years of experience, we have discovered that creating the ideal outdoor structure for the families we serve is about so much more than the building itself. Our work is really about discovering what is best for your family and your property, what purpose you have in mind, and what you desire for the future. 

Our commitment to our clients’ futures and our love for nature is what led us to our newest endeavor: the Post Forest Pledge. With this new pledge, we will plant three trees in return for every tree it takes to create the dream building you have always imagined.

Replacing Is Not Enough

At Post, we hold ourselves accountable to our clients and the world around us. We believe that we are just as responsible for caring for our environment as we are for crafting your ideal building. This is why we’ve committed to planting three trees for every tree used to build the space that will continue to serve you and your loved ones years into the future.

But why the Forest Pledge? Why plant three trees for every tree used—why not just one?

To replace a tree is not enough! We believe that fulfilling only what is needed never is. Our dedication to your family and ours means that we always aim to do more for our future, our families, and our forests.

For us, building is about so much more than just creating a garage, a shed, or a pool house. It’s about bringing a vision to life, building for your dreams, and doing our part to build in the most responsible way possible to create the future we all aim to see.

16X24 Cohasset with gable dormer, stone siding, cedar clapboard and shingles, and ramp.

Forests for Future Generations

Our goal is always for you to feel confident and satisfied in your decision to work with us. When it comes to you, your family, and future generations, know that when you choose Post to enhance your outdoor lifestyle, you are choosing a family company that shares your values and your commitment to our planet. 

We appreciate our natural environment—we love spending time outside and in the woods, hiking, and adventuring.  Our hope is that by taking this pledge, future generations can continue to discover, enjoy, and relish in the beauty and majesty of the forest.

Every tree in the forest has a positive impact on our larger ecosystem. Trees absorb polluted air, release clean oxygen into the atmosphere, prevent soil erosion and rainwater runoff, absorb harmful carbon dioxide, and help combat climate change. 

With our Forest Pledge, we are not just building the backyard you have always dreamed of. Together, we are building a better world for the future. One future generations may enjoy and continue to explore.

Build a Forest. Build with Post.

We invite you to join our initiative and take Post’s Forest Pledge by choosing to build with us.

To discover how Post may bring your outdoor vision to life, design your own customized shed today, contact us about designing a fully custom garage, or see our building gallery for even more inspiration. Build a Forest. Build with Post.

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