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Inspiration for Customizing Your Own Shed Room

“She Shed,” “Man-Cave,” or our favorite, “Personal Escape”- these terms are often used to describe a shed room designed for your enjoyment. What are they, really, though? 

No matter what you call it, a comfortable and fully customized shed room can give you a personal escape (sounds much nicer than a “cave,” doesn’t it?) from the everyday duties that life drops in our laps. When you have a space to call your own, relax in, and just be yourself, nothing compares. 

Today, we’re going to look at some great ideas for your own personal escape. Whether you are a passionate artist, your favorite team’s number-one fan, or just looking for somewhere to cozy up with a good book, having your own quiet space to be yourself can make a difference. 

Usage Ideas 

Do you know you want your own personal space for something, but you can’t just quite put your finger on it? This is totally normal. You may even have so many different ideas that it’s hard to decide on the one you want most. 

Here are some points of inspiration to help you jumpstart your creative process:

Tea House 

Love to cozy up with a blanket, a hot cup of tea, and a good book on a rainy day? Deck out your shed room with comfy seating, a shelf to store your favorite teas and drinkware, and a tea chest. This will bring the atmosphere of your most beloved tea houses right to your own backyard.

Personal Studio 

Fill your shed room with the equipment you need to pursue your artistic passions. Install some built-in shelves to hold your art supplies for your next painting. Soundproof the walls for when you have the band over to rehearse. You may just want to put a desk up against the window and get back to writing that book you’ve always wanted to finish. A studio can be that creative oasis you need when what you need is to get away and focus on your latest project.

Fan Cave/Bar Shed 

Get ready to cheer on your favorite team in style! Turn your shed room into a bar shed or fan cave to get ready for the next big hangout at your place. Custom countertops, shelves for drink storage, TV hookups, and your team’s logo on the wall can all create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Mini Home Theater

Love to watch movies by yourself or with your loved ones? You can turn your shed into a mini home theater! Wall-mount a flatscreen television or a projector and start a new tradition with those closest to you.

Hangout Space

Sometimes, we don’t have a reason for a custom shed room, and that’s okay, too! Want a general place to hang out with those you love and create new memories? Finish your shed’s interior with some beautiful flooring, a paint color that matches your vision, and some comfy seating, and the possibilities quickly become endless.

Custom Shed Room Ideas for Your Project

Have an idea for how you want to use your shed? Great! Now, it’s time to choose some custom features that will help bring your dream to reality. Let’s explore some options: 


Your shed’s size determines exactly what you can do with your new shed room and how much you can fit inside of it. As you’re looking at your options, consider how much floor space you will need. Whether you need a standard-sized or larger shed, decide on this early in your planning so that you can really bring your dream to life!  

Built-in Shelving 

Sturdy, built-in shelving can display your favorite decorations and keep your hobby supplies organized without competing for floor space. Shelves are perfect for storing books, arts and crafts items, and those personal items that make the room more your own. 

Room Partitions 

Only want to use part of your shed for your personal escape? With a room partition, you can divide your shed interior so that you don’t have to look at the items you’re storing on the other side when you’re trying to get away from it all. 

Custom Window & Door Configurations

Let as much or as little light into your shed room as you want with custom window configurations. Want one side to open completely or highlight a specific view? Maybe you prefer only a little daylight. Once you have this step set, furniture placement and interior design choices become a lot easier.

Do you plan on enjoying your personal escape all year round? Choose fully insulated windows and doors to help keep your space more comfortable and draft-free well into the crisper months. 

Flooring Materials

Your shed’s floor can beautifully tie together the rest of the space. Depending on your vision and your budget, there could be multiple options available to you. You can also cover your flooring with your favorite rug to make the space even more you! 

Utility Connections

Want to enjoy all the modern day comforts in your new shed? Consider adding utility connections so that you can use all of your favorite electronic devices. 

Start Your Custom Shed Room Project Today 

For over 50 years, we’ve helped countless New Englanders design their dream shed rooms and bring their visions to life. If you’re ready to start your own project, view our shed models or check out our Shedview tool for inspiration. 

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