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When envisioning your ideal custom shed, what do you see? Perhaps you picture a decked-out she shed or hangout house where you can gather with friends. Do you envision a custom Bar shed adding the perfect outdoor entertainment space to your backyard? Maybe you would like a pool house to provide a getaway from the summer heat? 

No matter how you intend to use your shed, you deserve enough floor space to enjoy it to its fullest! However, this raises an important question: How do you keep it all organized?

For those of us who love the outdoors, acquiring a large amount of sporting equipment, lawn care tools, and other similar items is just part of enjoying our lives. Deciding the best way to store these objects away from our gathering places, however, can sometimes feel easier said than done. 

Without a stylish storage solution that matches your vision, it can sometimes feel challenging to keep everything organized. To help keep your floor space clear so you may make the most of your building, here are some shed storage ideas you can put to use.

Shed Storage Lofts 

A storage loft allows you to make the most out of your shed’s square footage. By adding a separate space above the ground floor, you can store less frequently used items away from where you enjoy life’s moments the most. If you want an “out of sight, out of mind,” yet easy to access solution for your equipment, a loft is the way to go!

16X24 Cohasset with cupola, loft, custom prehung door with side lites, sliding barn doors, and pine board and batten siding

Room Partitions 

Don’t want to have to lift storage items up to a loft? A room partition provides the same separation without the need for any lifting. You can create both storage space and leisure space in a single shed without clashing with your vision!

42X36 oversized garage with cupola, custom second-story window, extended overhang, shutters, sliding barn doors, side door, and vinyl siding

Built-in Shelving 

Building shelving units into the shed wall allows you to store your equipment with little impact on your floor space. Use built-in shelving to store your gardening equipment, tools, sporting goods, and other important items for easy access without the need for large cabinets, lockers, or other cumbersome furniture.

24X32 double bay garage with 9′ wall height, attic with window and staircase, insulated garage doors, vinyl siding, and owner-installed solar panels

Wall Mounts

Visit any hardware store, and you will likely find a broad range of wall mounts for tool storage. While these tool holders will compete for wall space, they ensure your items are stored safely off of the ground, leaving you more floor space to enjoy.

26X24 custom double bay garage with triple attic windows, second-story with stairs, dual insulated custom paneled garage doors with windows, and white cedar shake siding and PVC trim

Upgrading to a Larger Shed 

A larger shed can provide you with more room to better separate your leisure space from storage. With more square footage to work with, you can also consider installing a broader and longer loft for added ceiling storage. 

Many of our customers who opt for larger sheds request room partitions as well. This extra separation helps further divide the space between leisure and equipment storage and allows you to create two different environments all their own.

20X20 larger shed with transom window, side windows, and sliding doors

Custom Garage for Storage 

To many homeowners, garages are an extension of their living space with unlimited potential. Here, countless memories can be made while you’re working on your passion project or storing your dream car. For those who prefer to keep their yard equipment here, a custom-built garage can be outfitted to match your exact specifications along with lofts and/or room partitions to fully bring your dreams to life!

24X32 double bay garage with attic and side windows, 4-Lite garage doors, 9-Lite side door, and vinyl siding

Get More Stylish Storage that Matches Your Vision

Keeping everything organized can be easy and fun! With the right solution, you can enjoy your shed or garage to the fullest. To get started on creating your own ideal storage design, check out our Shed Designer tool or contact us with any questions you may have about your custom project.

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