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Have you ever desired to get away from the cold, damp winter? While a fresh New England snowfall creates a beautiful landscape, we all miss the warm sunshine and fun of summertime outdoor activities from time to time. There’s still a lot of warmth and joy to be found in your own backyard, even in the depths of winter. 

You do not have to book a vacation to a beach or tropical island to take a break from the cold. Instead, build your own getaway and visit whenever you need a break. By designing a custom shed, you can create a personal winter escape that brings all the cozy comforts of home to a new and inspiring setting. 

Today, we’ll review some ideas for designing your own personal space to enjoy during the cold season. Let’s start by looking at the shed itself. 

Build a Shed with a Loft and Porch 

Imagine having your own ski-chalet-inspired retreat just feet away from your door. Consider adding a loft and porch to your shed design plans for the coziest of personal escapes. 

Add a covered porch to your shed to create an idyllic space to relax and take in the wonder of the season. There’s nothing like sitting in your favorite outdoor chair under the cover of a porch, bundled in blankets, and sipping hot cocoa as the snow falls outside. 

Complete the alpine feel by adding an overhead loft. A shed loft is more than an additional place to store your belongings. The extra space afforded by a loft may serve as a warm retreat from the winter cold. Use your overhead loft to create a personalized reading nook, crafting area, writing spot, or sketching space. If you have a heat source in your shed, the warm air will rise toward the loft area, keeping you warm and comfortable. 

16X24 Cohasset with custom cupola, additional wall height and overhead loft, 8’ transom window with trim, windows with trim and shutters, and cedar Spectrum vinyl shakes and vinyl siding in Hampton Red

Install an Electric Heater 

Electric heaters provide both a convenient and easy-to-use option for heating your shed interior during the colder months. They require no connection to a gas line and can be found in various shapes and styles, from fireplaces to UL-listed wall-mounted box heaters. 

If you place a heater inside your shed, make sure you purchase one with a timer that turns it off automatically. This will help prevent the chance of leaving it on too long or creating a fire hazard. Never leave a space heater plugged in inside your shed, even if it’s turned off. 

Why stop at winter? You may decide to turn your warm winter getaway into a cool summer escape by adding a mini-split to your space. While initially more expensive than a portable heater or window AC unit, mini-splits are effective, dependable, and pay off in the long run. 

Insulate Your Doors and Windows 

Sheds unfairly have developed a reputation as cold, unpleasant places to spend time in during winter. But your shed with a porch and loft doesn’t have to be! 

Fortunately, by insulating your doors and windows, the chilly air stays outside, and the warm air stays inside. Installing the right modern insulated fixtures helps keep the temperature inside consistent, less drafty, and far less damp than the old-fashioned image many conjure up when you say “shed in winter.” 

It’s always easier to start with the right building materials than to retrofit an existing building. Incorporate insulated doors and windows into your plans for your dream shed, especially if you plan to enjoy it year-round. 

Relax with Comfortable Furniture and Decor

Nothing screams “getaway” quite like making a space feel like it’s your own. Place some cozy seating, a warm area rug, corner lighting, and your favorite wall decor throughout the shed interior to add your personal touch to your new space. 

Worried about tracking wet snow into your getaway shed? Create a snow, mud, and drip catch-all transition space by your entrance. Place a decorative, moisture-resistant outdoor rug on the floor and add a coat and shoe rack/boot tray near the door. Keep your feet toasty by designating a pair of soft, indoor slippers or booties for wearing inside.

Use Electronics Designed for Outdoor Use 

If you want to relax and spend time in your shed with your favorite shows, movies, or video games, place a TV in your shed that is designed for outdoor use. These screens contain specialized hardware and materials designed to withstand the elements’ exposure, such as moisture and low temperatures. 

Outdoor TVs also typically feature a higher level of brightness than indoor models. This means they’ll be easier to see in direct sunlight – perfect for watching the big game or relaxing with your favorite movies and shows on a sunny day. 

14X20 Cohasset with bronze windows, transom, 6′ sliding door, and cedar shingles and vertical siding.

Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Shed 

For many, wintertime conjures fond memories of holiday cheer, colorful lights, and spending time with friends and family. You can bring the same festive spirit to your shed with some seasonal decorations like:

  • Colored rope lights 
  • Outdoor and indoor garlands
  • Festive wreaths 
  • A small Christmas tree
  • Battery-powered candle lights for windows

These are just some suggestions for traditional holiday decor. This season represents a deeply personal time of year for everyone. Choose the decor that means the most to you and the ones you love and will bring you the most joy during the colder months. 

Design Your Dream Year-Round Shed Today

Since 1962, Post Woodworking has designed and installed custom sheds throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Southern Maine. Each building is as unique as the person who dreamt it. 

Create your dream design today. View our shed styles, use our 3D Shedview Tool, or contact us to get started. 

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