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Bring Your Dream Shed to Life in Your New Hampshire Backyard

Have you thought about building your own dream shed in New Hampshire? Adding your own personal escape to your backyard is a great way to get away from it all and make lasting memories with your loved ones. 

Today we’re going to cover some essential information about building sheds in the Granite State. From climate to soil conditions and shed style inspiration, we have you covered!


On average, New Hampshire’s climate experiences cold to moderately warm temperatures with an average of 46.8 degrees Fahrenheit. In the warm summer months, the temperature rises as high as 80 degrees and drops as low as 11 degrees in the winter. The state also reports about 44 inches of rain and 56 inches of snow each year.

10X14 Cohasset with transom window, cedar siding, and ramp.

When designing your dream New Hampshire shed, having appropriate weather-protective features is extremely important. To prevent any damage from water or snow and to keep the inside as comfortable as possible, consider features like: 

  • Insulated doors, flooring, and windows 
  • Weather-tight PVC corners and siding
  • High-quality weather-resistant woods 
  • Premium roof shingles for leak protection 
  • Utility connections for heaters, fans, or AC units

New Hampshire is an absolutely beautiful place to live, but we do not always want to bring nature inside. By adding some or all of the above features, you can better protect your dream shed and preserve it for many more years of great memories to come.

New Hampshire Soil 

Where you choose to build your dream shed matters as much as the materials and custom features. With proper site preperation and when necessary, a solid concrete foundation, you can enjoy your shed for far longer with the peace of mind knowing that it will be able to endure nature’s greatest challenges. 

New Hampshire’s State Soil, Marlow, is found throughout most of the state. Named after the town in Cheshire County where it was first established as a series, Marlow soil is great for construction projects. Along the coast, sandy soils are more prevalent.

For larger projects and any sheds with garage doors, we recommend installing a concrete foundation beneath your shed to give it a sturdy base to stand on. As you spend time enjoying your new personal escape, you can trust that it will be there through even the harshest seasons. 

Design Ideas for Your Own New Hampshire Shed 

New Hampshire is one of the top-ten oldest states in the country. Countless classic New England home designs line city streets and country roads alike, each with their own story to tell. If you want to design a shed that can add to your home’s story, here are some ideas to get you started:

Match Your Traditional New England Home

For the traditionalist at heart, The Lexington was designed with you in mind. Created to match the look and feel of traditional New England homes, its steep-pitched roof and inviting windows and doors efforlessly complements the classic colonal style.

12X16 Lexington with 8′ shed dormer and vertical pine siding

Bring Your Love of the Woods to Your Backyard

New Hampshire’s famous forests are a true miracle of nature. Bring the rustic charm of the woods to your own backyard with the durable Brunswick Embrace the natural look and go with natural pine or cedar siding for your woodland getaway.

12X20 Brunswick with pine siding and ramp

Create a Little Home Away from Home

Want to bring the comforts of home to your own backyard? The Hampton features a cozy front porch with plenty of interior space for entertaining your friends and family. Gather around your new favorite social spot and create new memories!

12X16 Hampton with 4’ farmers porch overhang and pressure treated flooring, windows with trim, 6’ sliding barn door, and Grayne vinyl shake siding

A Perfect Shed for a Little Bit of Everything

Do you want a shed that features a sturdy, no-nonsense, and stylish design? The Cohasset might be for you! 

With an eye-catching barn-style door and plenty of floor space, you can easily transform it into your own personal escape. Want to use your shed for more than one purpose? Add room partitions or storage lofts to create multiple spaces under one roof! 

10X12 Cohasset with transom window, cedar shingle siding, and ramp

A Backyard Vacation Getaway

Build your own backyard paradise with the Nantucket. Featuring an overhanging roof, granite countertop, and large serving window, it’s the perfect outdoor entertainment space season after season..

14X12 Nantucket with 9-Lite doors, stone siding, custom bar, and composite decking

Start Building Your Dream New Hampshire Shed Today 

Since 1962, we’ve been helping our neighbors in New Hampshire bring their visions for their dream sheds to life. To get started on your own design project, check out our Shedview tool to get the creativity flowing!

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