The Brunswick


We are especially proud of Post Woodworking’s Brunswick style shed. It has all the rugged features and simple, beautiful mystique of a Maine coastline. Natural-wood siding options, in pine or cedar, offer a rustic aesthetic. Or, choose a vinyl color that complements our home. Once inside the Brunswick, its unique, two-sided sloped roof maximizes headroom, making space for you to better maneuver a rake. Black architectural hinges and hardware lend distinguished contrast and quality to this basic but appealing storage solution.






CapeAnn_A    CapeAnn_B    CapeAnn_C    CapeANn_D    CapeAnn_E




The Brunswick Gambrel comes in 25 sizes ranging from 8 x 8 to 16 x 24 that will be expertly constructed out of pine, vinyl or cedar.

BIG (6' to 8')

8 x 8A B$2,431.00$2,833.00$3,290.00
8 x 10A B$2,950.00$3,473.00$3,972.00
8 x 12A B C$3,404.00$3,972.00$4,540.00
8 x 14A B C D$3,745.00$4,415.00$4,993.00
8 x 16*A B C D E$4,358.00$4,880.00$5,675.00

* Shed comes standard with 24×40 windows.

BIGGER (10' to 12')

10 x 10A B$3,325.00$3,972.00$4,540.00
10 x 12A B C$3,813.00$4,426.00$5,086.00
10 x 14A B C D$4,199.00$4,926.00$5,542.00
10 x 16*A B C D E$4,993.00$5,597.00$6,312.00
10 x 18*A B C D E$5,278.00$6,062.00$6,811.00
10 x 20*A B C D E$5,675.00$6,584.00$7,299.00
12 x 12A B C $4,255.00$5,016.00$5,561.00
12 x 14A B C D$4,813.00$5,562.00$6,199.00
12 x 16*A B C D E$5,561.00$6,369.00$7,038.00
12 x 18*A B C D E$6,016.00$6,923.00$7,606.00
12 x 20*A B C D E$6,584.00$7,379.00$8,163.00

* Shed comes standard with 24×40 windows.

BIGGEST (14' to 16')

14 x 14A B C D$5,426.00$6,312.00$6,959.00
14 x 16*A B C D E$6,279.00$7,197.00$7,833.00
14 x 18*A B C D E$6,834.00$7,833.00$8,470.00
14 x 20*A B C D E$7,470.00$8,480.00$9,162.00
14 x 24*A B C D E$8,663.00$9,787.00$10,411.00
16 x 16*A B C D E$7,812.00$8,398.00$9,537.00
16 x 18*A B C D E $8,435.00$9,310.00$10,218.00
16 x 20*A B C D E$9,423.00$10,218.00$11,161.00
16 x 24*A B C D E$11,343.00$12,262.00$13,354.00

* Shed comes standard with 24×40 windows.

More sizes and options are available. You can call us at (866) 794-7433 for more information, or email