The Hampton


Post Woodworking’s Hampton shed is a major standout in design. The sleek farmers porch immediately draws the eye into its pure New England charm and provides the utility of shade and a cool place to sit and enjoy a cold one. Like all of our sheds, the six-panel doors which add to the structure’s aesthetic come standard. They’re made out of fiberglass to last through many decades out in the elements.



CapeAnn_A    CapeAnn_B    CapeAnn_C    CapeANn_D    CapeAnn_E

The Hampton comes in 27 sizes ranging from 8 x 8 to 16 x 24 that will be expertly constructed out of pine, vinyl or cedar.

BIG (6' to 8')

8 x 8A$3,440.00$3,818.00$4,294.00
8 x 10A B$4,179.00$4,677.00$5,207.00
8 x 12A B C$4,865.00$5,405.00$6,012.00
8 x 14A B C D $5,443.00$6,080.00$6,703.00
8 x 16*A B C D E$6,271.00$6,777.00$7,569.00

* Shed comes standard with 24×27 windows.

BIGGER (10' to 12')

10 x 10A B$4,562.00$5,179.00$5,774.00
10 x 12A B C$5,281.00$5,864.00$6,487.00
10 x 14A B C D$5,899.00$6,593.00$7,275.00
10 x 16*A B C D E$6,911.00$7,484.00$8,253.00
10 x 18*A B C D E$7,436.00$8,181.00$8,992.00
10 x 20*A B C D E$8,067.00$8,932.00$9,721.00
12 x 12A B C $5,728.00$6,453.00$7,037.00
12 x 14A B C D$6,487.00$7,225.00$7,907.00
12 x 16*A B C D E$7,478.00$8,247.00$8,971.00
12 x 18*A B C D E$8,164.00$9,062.00$9,732.00
12 x 20*A B C D E$8,958.00$9,715.00$10,569.00

* Shed comes standard with 24×27 windows.

BIGGEST (14' to 16')

14 x 14A B C D$7,121.00$7,965.00$8,658.00
14 x 16*A B C D E$8,185.00$9,062.00$9,732.00
14 x 18*A B C D E$8,969.00$9,920.00$10,623.00
14 x 20*A B C D E$9,828.00$10,791.00$11,548.00
14 x 24*A B C D E$11,462.00$12,540.00$13,265.00
16 x 16*A B C D E$9,579.00$10,920.00$11,466.00
16 x 18*A B C D E $10,417.00$11,876.00$12,470.00
16 x 20*A B C D E$11,599.00$13,225.00$13,887.00
16 x 24*A B C D E$13,913.00$15,861.00$16,654.00

* Shed comes standard with 24×27 windows.

More sizes and options are available. You can call us at 1-800-537-0053 for more information, or email