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If you work from home, you know how beneficial it is to have a dedicated space for your office. It can be tempting to just set up shop at the kitchen table or in the corner of the living room. When this temporary solution becomes permanent, your work and body may suffer. Kitchen tables are hardly ergonomic, and their proximity to tasty treats can make it easy to develop bad snacking habits. It may be farther away from yummy temptations, but working in a nook in a shared living room often comes with interruptions. It’s hardly guaranteed to be quiet or private.

If you need your own personal escape to concentrate on your work without distractions, an office shed is for you! Office sheds provide a quiet and relaxing space to focus on your work. Enhance your work experience; bring your office dreams to life with a wide variety of custom features. 

Are you looking for some design inspiration for your own personal office escape? If so, this guide is for you. We will highlight some of the most popular productivity-producing options to add to your customized office space.

16X24 Lexington with cupola, 12’ shed dormer, 15-Lite door with two 36″ side lite panels, windows with trim, vinyl siding, and frieze board trim

1: Built-In Shelving to Display What Matters Most 

From personal items to work-related documents, shelving provides versatile storage that does not compete for floor space like bookcases or filing cabinets. You can store your important items along the walls for quick access. That means no having to open drawers or cabinet doors to track down that report you need to reference. 

Shelves can also be used to display what makes you unique! Whether you love to show off your favorite collectibles or keep photos and mementos of those who matter most close, custom built-in shelving provides you with plenty of space to keep your keepsakes in view. 

As virtual meetings become more ubiquitous, many virtual commuters use their backgrounds in video calls to showcase their personalities. Position your shelves directly behind your desk area to make your own personal background.

2: A Custom Built-In Desk 

Desks represent more than a flat surface to place your laptop or monitor. They’re the most used, most personal piece of furniture in our professional lives. Given the amount of time you spend at your desk, make it work for you. 

Rather than selecting a pre-sized desk designed for everyone, install a custom built-in desk made just for you! Select the height, width, and depth that are most comfortable for you so you can work with complete ergonomic ease. 

3: Personalized Window Configurations 

A personal workspace with a view of the beautiful outdoors provides you with plenty of mood-boosting daylight while concentrating on your most important tasks for the day. With a custom-built office shed, you can select the exact placement of your windows to capture the most daylight possible while avoiding glare on your screens.

It is no secret that New England winters can also produce plenty of chilly days. To help you stay warm and draft-free during the workday, choose insulated windows that prevent the cold air from disrupting your workflow.

4: Room Partitions and Multiple Entryways for a Mixed-Use Space

Intending to share your new office shed with another member of your household? Depending on space. 

Room partitions and separate entryways can be placed in nearly any corner of your office shed so that you can have the separation needed to concentrate. If you plan on splitting your space between work and storage, keep your areas separate with a room partition. Give the nature of your work, you or your loved one may need a little extra privacy or dedicated on-work-related items their own easy-to-access area and ensure they do not interfere with your ability to focus or use your space effectively. 

Using room partitions, you can create your own mixed-use building that combines an office with any other type of space, such as: 

  • A pool house
  • A bar shed 
  • A gardening space
  • A hangout area 
  • A storage space 

If you can dream it, you can make it possible without worrying about your two spaces competing for square footage

16X24 Cohasset with overhead loft, 8’ transom window over 8’ sliding door, 12’ shed dormer, three extra-large windows, 15-Lite side door, vinyl siding, and frieze board trim

5: Climate Control with a Mini Split AC/Heat Pump

New England features both hot summers and cold winters. To remain comfortable all year, consider installing a mini split air conditioning and heat pump system. In addition to providing a cozy and relaxing office environment, it can also help protect any valuable pieces of temperature-sensitive work equipment.

Start Bringing the Office Shed of Your Dreams to Life Today 

At Post Woodworking, we are more than a team of skilled craftspeople who love building sheds for our neighbors throughout New England. Like you, we’re big dreamers. We enjoy how every project allows us to bring a homeowner’s vision to life.

Start building the office shed you’ve always imagined today. Find inspiration in our shed styles, design your own shed with our 3D Shedview tool, or contact us today to learn more.

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