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A shed is more than a building; it’s an opportunity. From dreaming up the initial design to seeing the finished space, building a customized shed is a profoundly personal experience, the end product of which reflects the vision you have imagined for your home.

Among the most important shed design decisions is choosing the right shed color. The color you select impacts the overall look and feel of your shed. Don’t settle for anything less than the shade that matches your dream design.

We’ve put together this guide for inspiration to help you pick the perfect shed color. Whether you want to match your home’s current aesthetic or make a new statement, here are some ideas to help you get started.

Decide Whether You Prefer Wood or Vinyl Siding

One of the first shed color decisions you’ll need to make is whether you prefer wood or vinyl siding. Wood siding gives your shed a more classic and timeless exterior, while vinyl siding offers more modern styles and sleeker finishes.

Wood siding may be easily painted in any color that you can imagine. One benefit of painted wood is that in the years to come, it may be repainted a different color should your vision change down the line. 

Different species of wood will produce different textures and unique grains. Natural cedar and pine are also available in various siding types, including vertical or horizontal, board and batten, and shingle shakes. Use one type for a uniform look or add drama and depth using multiple styles. 

Natural woods all come in a variety of finishes. You can further customize and enhance the appearance with stains, sealings, and other similar treatments. You can also treat the wood with a pigmented stain or a light coat of paint to create a unique color while allowing the natural wood grain to show through.

Vinyl siding offers extreme durability in many style options, from manufactured board and batten to cedar-inspired textured shakes. Premium vinyl options from top-of-the-line manufacturers may also offer extended warranties. Vinyl may even be custom-ordered to match the exact color of your home. 

Matching Your Home’s Aesthetic or Making a Statement

Another shed color decision you’ll need to make is whether you want your shed to blend in with your home’s current aesthetic or have it make a statement all its own!

If your design calls for a shed that stands out from the rest, then choosing a bright and bold color will help you bring that vision to life. If you prefer a shed with understated elegance, selecting a color that matches the trim of your house or the siding of your garage can help achieve the desired unifying effect. 

However, your choices are not always black-and-white and set in stone when it comes to matching home and shed color dynamics. Using your home for inspiration, you may still choose to incorporate some unique features. It’s possible to add more personality to your building without straying too far from your home’s design. Some ideas include:

  • Painting the shed’s front door a bright accent color
  • A custom copper-topped cupola or weathervane
  • A unique roof color
  • Decorative hardware, including window boxes and exterior planters
  • A built-in bartop with a large serving window
  • Adding modern black or contemporary bronze-trimmed windows

These are just some ideas to get you started. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right shed color for your dream design. With a little bit of creativity and inspiration, you will find the perfect shade to match your vision.

12X16 Lexington with shed dormer, three side windows, transom window, double 9-Lite doors, vinyl siding, and ramp

Interior Finishes

After you have brought your dream shed exterior to life, you can turn your creativity toward the interior. Whether you want a cozy space to relax and unwind or a functional area to work on your latest project, the right interior finish can help inspire creativity, productivity, or peace and tranquility. 

Interior shed walls may always be left bare or a homey and familiar feeling finished with a layer of sheetrock. You can then prime and paint the sheetrock to match the inside of your home or get creative and choose an entirely new color palette.

You can also overlay your shed floors with carpeting or tile if you prefer to match the walls with the floors. For example, you could select plank-style tiles that mimic a similar appearance to the wood, while protecting the surface underneath.

Selecting the Right Metal Finish for Fixtures and Accent Features

If you’re looking for a way to add an extra flair to your shed, consider incorporating some metal features. From weathervanes to exterior lights and door handles, you can find fixtures in the right shade to match the feeling you get from looking at your new personal escape.

When selecting metal fixtures, choose between cool or warm tones. For example, stainless steel offers a cool tone that compliments colors like gray, white, and blue. Warmer-toned metals like brass and bronze are an excellent pairing with shades of white, beige, red, and yellow.

10X12 Cohasset with cupola and weathervane, extended eaves, 5’ transom window with trim, three large side windows with transom and trim, and vinyl and Cedar Spectrum® shake siding

Design Your Dream New England Shed Today 

At Post Woodworking, we dream as big as you do. We believe each shed project is as unique as the person who envisioned it, and we strive to create a custom personal escape that faithfully reflects what you have imagined. 

To learn more about designing your own custom shed for your Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or southern Maine home, explore our shed styles or use our 3D Shedview tool to get started on your dream design.

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