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Since 1962, Post Woodworking has been committed to bringing families’ outdoor visions to life. Once you share your dream with our team, we deliver on our promise to see it realized quickly and with expert precision. We set your building in motion the day you finalize your design to help you enjoy your future faster. 

From Dream Design to Rapid Reality

You did it, the hard part – finding your vision, imaging your outdoor dream down to the last detail. By creating and finalizing your customized shed design, you set yourself on a course to enhance your yard and open your property to exciting new possibilities for decades. 

Now, it’s our turn to do our part – to bring that dream to life quickly and with expertise. So you can start living the future you envisioned as soon as possible. 

Often, families receive their customized Post shed the same season they order it because delivering on your dreams matters to us. A few factors allow us to provide you with exceptional service and short lead times; like big dreams and superior quality, the two go hand in hand.

10X12 Cohasset with cupola and weathervane, extended eaves, 5’ transom window with trim, three large side windows with transom and trim, and vinyl and Cedar Spectrum® shake siding

Factors for a Faster Turn Around: Nearby Location

Post builds in New England for New England’s unique needs. Every shed is custom-manufactured in our New Hampshire headquarters. Building near the communities we serve allows us to provide the efficient, world-class service thousands of families depend on to bring their dreams to life. 

We construct every element here; no part of any building is farmed out to builders in other states and regions. This means reduced wait times for you. We promptly put your shed into our coordinated production schedule, ensuring faster delivery and installation for your building.

12X16 Lexington with shed dormer, three side windows, transom window, double 9-Lite doors, vinyl siding, and ramp

Quality-Focused Process

Our entire process centers around quality. Using only the finest materials, we prefabricate each component of every customized building at our state-of-the-art factory in Danville, New Hampshire. The materials we source are only of the highest caliber to ensure your shed will withstand New England weather season after season. 

Over the past sixty years, we carefully and thoughtfully developed our process for building durable, custom buildings quickly and efficiently. These time-tested methods allow for greater precision than old-fashioned post-and-beam construction. The result is a stunning, long-lasting shed that will enhance your outdoor life for decades.

Every dream building is hand delivered and installed by our team – not a shipping service. Our delivery and installation crew expertly assembles your shed on-site at your property. It’s a smooth process we’ve refined over time, and now we’ve got it down pat!

A Reliable, Professional Crew

Dependable customer service and building crews are the secret factors that make our short production timelines possible. We have a full-time, year-round crew that’s as committed to our goal of excellence as we are. These shared values are reflected in their meticulous work, exceptional service, and smoothly expedited processes. 

At Post, our employees are like family (some of them even are). We take care of our family, providing opportunity, training, experience, and room for our team to grow with us. As part of that family, they work hard, making it possible to deliver your dream faster.

Make Your Dream a Reality—Sooner

Factors like our building location, process, and a reliable team all work together perfectly to create a faster, better experience for you. After all, once you’ve shared your dream with us, we would love nothing more than to help you start living it!

We would be delighted to help you bring your dream to life. Start your design with us today; you’ll be surprised how quickly Post can make it happen! Explore our shed styles, create and preview your dream design in 3D, or contact our customer service team to learn more.

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