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Prep Your Yard for the New Custom-Built Shed of Your Dreams 

Your backyard is a treasure trove of untapped potential. Whether envisioning a vibrant hub for gatherings or a tranquil personal retreat, the sky’s the limit. Discover how adding a new custom shed, such as a pool house or bar shed can enhance your living space and turn your backyard into one that everyone — or even just you — can’t wait to spend more time in.

However, not all sheds can offer the same great features. Prefabricated standard market-variety options are pre-sized, and the amount of customization is often limited or nonexistent. Instead, having a custom shed assembled on site results in a beautiful new addition to your property with the exact features you envision.

How Long Does Custom Shed Building Take? 

The installation process isn’t as invasive as you might think! Most custom sheds are assembled within half a day. For larger buildings where a concrete slab is required, the process is normally completed in a full day after the foundation has cured.

16X20 Cohasset with transom window, cedar clapboard and vertical cedar siding, and ramp

Why Have Your Shed Built on Site? 

Greater Attention to Detail 

A custom shed built on site results in a more meticulously-crafted finished product that is constructed to match your vision. You may include personalized details not commonly found in market-variety, prefabricated sheds, such as: 

  • Custom door and window layouts
  • Custom shelving configurations 
  • Handcrafted bartops and serving counters
  • Additional entryways and room dividers 
  • Specific length, width, and height dimensions for your exact preferences

Sheds offer more than a place to store gardening materials (though there’s nothing wrong with a gardening shed, either!). When your new building offers the exact features you’re looking for, it becomes a true gathering place for you to create unforgettable experiences with those closest to you.

Higher-Quality Materials 

Prefabricated sheds are produced with materials that are easy to source and cost much less to produce than sturdy, durable woods. While these cost-effective alternatives may result in some savings, the materials are often less durable and do not offer the aesthetic appeal that premium woods can offer. 

Sheds constructed with high-quality lumber and sided with woods like premium pine and cedar not only look great, but they are also better suited to withstand the forces of nature. As the seasons change from cold to warm and back to cold again, you can rest assured that your dream shed will maintain its beauty for years to come.

14×16 Nantucket with 7′ extended overhang, gray Trex decking, 8′ bar opening with gray granite bar top, and stone and vinyl siding

Enhanced Outdoor Entertainment

Create an outdoor oasis where there’s always a seat with your name on it. Make outdoor gatherings and celebrations a cinch. Bring your backyard to life with The Nantucket! With an overhanging roof, built-in granite countertop, and large serving window, your home will quickly become everyone’s favorite new hangout spot.

See Your Dream Come to Life! 

The most exciting part of a shed built on site? You can see your dream come to life before your eyes! From initial foundation to an eye-catching finished product, you can see the vision for your new shed take shape and become reality. 

How to Prepare Your Backyard for Your New Shed 

Designate the Building Site 

Before scheduling a build date for your new shed, select the area of your yard where you want it to go. You can mark out this area using wooden stakes, rocks, lawn flags, ribbons, or any other material that you have on hand. This will also help you visualize the shed’s size before it is brought to life to ensure it is positioned exactly where you want it.

18×16 Nantucket with additional wall height, 6′ overhang with porch columns, 3×8 bar opening with custom serving window and an 8′ granite bar top, 15-lite double doors, and vinyl siding

Clear Any Objects from the Area 

Are there any bushes, trees, large rocks, or other objects where you want to build your shed? Arrange to have them cleared from the area prior to the build date. You may also need to have the area professionally leveled during the site-preparation phase. A fully prepped site will prevent any obstacles from slowing the construction process so you can start enjoying your new favorite space as soon as possible.

8X12 Hampton with custom weathervane and cupola, 9-Lite doors, ramp, and composite decking on porch

Arrange Utility Connections, if Desired 

Depending on how you plan to use your new shed, you may want to install utility connections like electricity or running water. Ask your local utility providers if you can schedule a utility connection once the construction process is completed to ensure that any new lines are installed safely and in compliance with local code.

Shed that looks like a house
14X20 Lexington with cedar shingle siding and a 5′ patio door

Make Sure Your Shed Is Code Compliant 

As you are getting ready for your new custom shed, research your town’s local building codes to ensure your plans are code-compliant. Depending on where you live, some important questions to consider might include: 

  • Does the shed have to be located a certain distance from your property line? 
  • Do your next-door neighbors have to provide consent to you building your new shed? 
  • Are there any size constraints for sheds in your town? 
  • Are there specific stages of inspection that you have to schedule throughout the building process? 
  • Are there any code requirements for fire safety or utility installations? 

We are happy to help you navigate code compliance before and during shed construction. Please feel free to contact our customer service team with any shed-related questions you may have!

12X20 Brunswick with pine siding and ramp

Get a Custom Shed Built on Site in New England

Since 1962, our team at Post Woodworking has helped countless homeowners in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and southern Maine bring their dream sheds to life. Using only the highest-quality materials for both aesthetics and durability, we assemble all of our sheds on site to meet your exact specifications. To get started on your own project, view our shed styles or use our Shedview tool to create your own. 

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