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Do you have a vision for a dream garage but don’t know what type of builder is best to see your project through?? If you are considering adding a custom garage to your property, here are 5 key reasons why you might prefer working with a turnkey garage builder to bring your project to life. 

1: Custom Built for Your Vision 

Market-variety garages, such as ones sold through a large chain hardware store, do not offer an extensive level of customization or personalization. Instead, these options are usually designed to offer a quick and simple solution with predetermined shapes, dimensions, and features. 

Your unique vision for your custom garage deserves the proper attention. Bringing it to life should be an easy, effortless process where every step is taken care of by skilled professionals.

28X36 double bay garage with insulated garage doors and custom vinyl shake and HardiePlank® siding

A turnkey garage builder will consider all of your exact specifications when designing the space of your dreams. They will work with you to ensure your design includes the specific features you need and design elements you want for your building, such as:

  • Specific building length, width, and height
  • Window types, sizes, and placement 
  • Number of garage doors 
  • Additional entryways 
  • Built-in shelving and workbenches
  • Electrical socket placement 
  • Roofing styles and siding types
  • Second story options
  • Cupolas, weathervanes, and unique hardware

2: Designed for How You Want to Use Your Garage 

Have a specific use for your garage in mind? During the design stage, custom features can be factored into the blueprinting process to meet your specific needs. These might include an attic or storage loft, room partitions, and custom-built shelving or workbenches that will not require additional contractors to furnish.

36X56 oversized garage with 36X14 attached carport, cupola with copper roof and weathervane, attic and staircase, three 6′ doghouse dormers with windows, four insulated garage doors with glass inserts, and vinyl and Cedar Spectrum® shake siding

3: Single Point of Contact

Unlike general contractors, a turnkey garage builder provides a complete service in-house and acts as your single point of contact for the entirety of the project. They will keep you updated on every step of the process and answer any questions you might have along the way.

4: Quicker Build Time 

A full-service garage builder has all of the necessary resources in-house to complete your project quickly and efficiently. You can avoid the hassle and delays of coordinating multiple contractors and subcontractors for your project and start making new memories in your custom garage as soon as possible!

28X24 double bay garage with vaulted truss, 30 inch cupola with copper roof, insulated garage doors with glass inserts, two side doors, insulated windows, and vinyl siding

5: Full-Service from Start to Finish 

Stamped Architectural Plans

From the beginning of the process, a turnkey garage builder will work with you to create the blueprints for your dream space. You’ll see your vision begin to take shape before it’s built. Once your design is finalized, a turnkey garage builder will ensure the architectural plans for your garage are stamped by a licensed engineer and ready for construction. 

Permitting and Inspection

A turnkey garage builder has experience navigating the permitting and inspection process for building a new garage. Their expertise helps prevent delays due to red tape and provides peace of mind that your new garage satisfies your local building codes and town regulations.

26X24 custom double bay garage with triple attic windows, second-story with stairs, dual insulated custom paneled garage doors with windows, and white cedar shake siding and PVC trim

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship 

A premium turnkey garage building service uses the highest-quality materials available. Every member of their crew is a skilled professional specializing in this type of building. This ensures that your new space looks incredible and remains in excellent condition for generations.  

Garage Foundation 

Most large buildings like garages need a reinforced foundation. Installing one often requires hiring a separate contractor to complete this initial step. This can both delay the start date of the project and increase your costs.  

Full-service garage builders include excavation and pouring your garage foundation in their services. Instead of coordinating with an outside contractor to meet your project’s timeline, save time, stress, and money with a turnkey garage builder.

24X36 double bay garage with copper weathervane, cupola, attic and side windows, double 6-Lite garage doors, and HardieShingle® and HardiePlank® siding

Garage Construction 

Once all the necessary preparation is completed, it’s time to build your garage! A turnkey garage builder will quickly and expertly install your new building. All you need to do is relax and watch your dream garage come to life. 

Poured Concrete Flooring 

Uniform thickness and proper pitch are essential to a strong and well-draining garage floor. A quality turnkey garage builder will carefully grade and compact base material and add steel mesh before any concrete is poured. Final power trowel burnishing provides a strong, smooth, and easy-to-clean finish.

Electrical Wiring

Turnkey garage services can also handle the electrical wiring and fixture installation. So you do not have to wait on an outside electrician before you can use your garage. Once your building is wired and connected, it’s ready for you to enjoy. This final step can include:

  • Electrical connection, wiring, and socket placement
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Installing ceiling fans 
  • Garage door opener electrical connections
  • Fixture control switches

Work with a Turnkey Garage Builder on Your Upcoming Project 

Since 1962, our team at Post Woodworking has created fully customized buildings for homeowners in New England. We have evolved our services over time to meet today’s homeowner needs. This involves true turnkey garage building that offers the customization and personalization to transform your dream into a beautiful space to make new memories with those you love. 

To get started on your custom garage building project, contact us today for more information.

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