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A custom shed with electricity helps bring the comforts of home to your own personal escape. Whether you are looking to entertain friends and family or enjoy some peace and quiet, powering up your shed brings nearly limitless possibilities. 

Looking for some inspiration for your own custom shed with electricity? Here are 8 ideas to consider while planning the project of your dreams!

1: Keep Cool Air with Conditioning 

Stay cool and dry during humid New England summers with an electric air conditioning unit in your shed. Modern BTU systems offer a sleek appearance, remote controllability, and do not require an open window like traditional box units. 

With an electrical connection, you can also install a ceiling fan in your shed to improve air circulation. Combine this with an air conditioner unit, and you will be ready to relax during even the hottest summer days.

2: Warm Up with an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are easy to install, are available in a variety of design styles, and can quickly heat up a cozy space like your own custom shed. Turn your personal escape into a year-round destination with a reliable heat source to enjoy the New England winters from a whole new perspective! 

Remember, when not relaxing in your shed, be sure to turn off any electric heat source or set it to a timer so that it automatically powers down.

3: Hook Up Your Favorite Home Media 

Want to entertain friends and family or enjoy a quiet space away from everyday life? Use your personal escape’s electrical connections to power a television, speakers, gaming console, or any other must-have electronics. Catch the game, plan a movie night, or play your favorite video games with others!

4: Stay Connected with WiFi 

Whether you are lounging in your hangout space or working on a project in your office shed, WiFi can help you stay connected to what’s important to you. Install a router or signal booster, depending on the distance from your house, to remain online while you’re enjoying your personal time. 

With a wireless internet connection, you can also place smart home assistants in your shed to control various features like lights and music. Stay where you’re most comfortable and let your Amazon Alexa or Google Home take care of the rest!

5: Light Up Your Personal Escape 

Lighting can influence the entire atmosphere of a space. From brightness to specific colors, it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to express yourself. 

Whether you want to read with a cozy mellow lamp or rope lights that change with your music, there are limitless options you can choose from. With an electrical connection, you can trust that these lights will always remain powered up and removes the hassle of having to constantly change batteries to illuminate your personal escape.

6: Serve Your Favorite Snacks and Drinks 

Create the ultimate experience for your guests with a bar shed. Keep your favorite snacks and drinks fresh and chilled for when you’re enjoying some quality alone time. Some kitchen items you may want to consider for your personal escape could include: 

  • A mini-fridge to keep your drinks chilled
  • A wine cooler to keep your favorite bottles in pristine drinking condition 
  • A microwave to heat up your snacks 
  • A coffee maker or electric kettle for brewing up hot beverages 
  • A water cooler to pour a cold refreshing glass or hot water for teas

7: Design Your Own Home Gym 

Take your fitness routine to the next level by creating your own home gym! Enjoy the beauty of your backyard and the comfort of home while still working up a sweat with your treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike. Complete the gym atmosphere with speakers set to play tunes that’ll pump you up for your workout.

8: Become a Master Hobbyist 

Do you need a dedicated space to work on your hobby or pursue a passion project? Depending on the size and layout of your home, as well as the number of people in it, the amount of free space might prove too limited for your big goals and dreams. 

Turn your shed into your own personal studio dedicated to the activities you love. With electricity, you can install dynamic lighting for your art or photography, connect an amplifier for your instruments, power up the tools you need for your woodworking projects, or plug in any specialty equiptment that will help you master your craft. 

Design Your Own Custom Shed with Electricity Today 

Since 1962, Post Woodworking has designed and installed custom garages and sheds for residents throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and southern Maine. As homeowners’ needs have evolved over time, we have been proud to offer consistent quality and expanded services, including electrical installation for your dream project. 

To get started, view our shed styles or contact us online today for more information.

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