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Large sheds provide more space to do what you love most! From pool houses to workshops and home offices, the possibilities are endless. 

You have a big vision for your property, and a larger shed can give you more space to bring it to life. We’ve spent over half a century crafting custom buildings that match our customers’ lifestyles. If you can picture it in your head, we can help you make it a reality.

Looking for some inspiration for your large custom shed? Here are some uses to consider:

1: Pool House

Nothing beats relaxing by the pool on a warm summer day. Enhance your experience with a large, roomy pool house! Features such as bar tops, utility connections for kitchen equipment, and customizable door and window layouts can all help make the space your own.

Want to keep your leisure space separate from storage? Use a room partition to ensure your pool equipment never competes with your seating area. 

Pool House with 6′ gable dormer, custom windows and window boxes, 15-Lite doors, and frieze board trim

 2: Home Office

Do you work from home or operate your own business? Sometimes, you need a space to tune out the world and focus on your tasks at hand. Turn your large shed into a roomy home office and enjoy a productive workday from the comfort of your own personal headquarters.

14X20 Cohasset with vinyl siding. This clever customer added solar panels!

3: Creative Studio

Artists and craftspeople need dedicated spaces to pursue their passions. A custom large shed can give you that freedom to explore your vision. Whether you are working on your new painting, rehearsing with the band, or finishing your woodworking project, large sheds can serve as your dream studio

16X24 Cohasset with gable dormer, stone siding, cedar clapboard and shingles, and ramp

4: Home Gym or Yoga Studio

Prefer to workout at home instead of a large public gym? Turn your shed into the ultimate home fitness center! A large shed can give you the floorspace you need to house all your favorite equipment with plenty of room to move during your training sessions. 

5: Hangout House

Some call it a “man cave,” others a “she shed.” Large sheds can provide room to relax and entertain away from your home.  Want to create a true gathering place for your family and friends? Consider adding a bar top, utility connections, and a kitchenette to your new space. 

16X24 Cohasset with cupola, custom prehung door with side lites, sliding barn door, and pine board and batten siding

6: Gardening Shed

For many, few activities are as relaxing as gardening. Take in the tranquil breeze while planting some of your favorite flora. Use your shed as your gardening headquarters to store your seeds, potting soil, out of season planters, tools, and anything else you need to bring your dream backyard aesthetic to life. 

7: Micro-Farming Barn

What is micro-farming? It could entail anything from owning a small number of livestock to growing crops on a patch of land in your yard.

Looking for a goat shack or pony barn? A place to keep the chickens safe at night? Maybe you need to store a tractor, tiller, or other equipment? A large shed can grant you plenty of space to care for the micro-farm of your dreams. 

8: Increased Storage Space

Need some extra storage space on your property? With a large custom shed, you can store your belongings in style. The increased square footage means plenty of possibilities for custom shelves, counters, cabinets, and much more. 

20X20 larger shed with transom window, side windows, and sliding doors

Ready to Build Your Own Large Shed?

For over 50 years, we’ve brought property dreams to life by building custom shed designs for homeowners throughout New England. We would be delighted to do the same for you! Looking for a place to get started? Visit us in person or contact us online. Tell us about your unique needs and together, we’ll create a dream design just for you.

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