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As a passionate woodworker, you know the importance of having a dedicated woodshop space. Not only does it give you the privacy to work on your projects without interruption, but it also allows you to organize all of your tools and materials in one location.

One of the most popular uses for custom sheds is as a woodshop or woodworking studio.  And for good reason! Woodshop sheds provide the perfect combination of space, privacy, and convenience for woodworkers of all skill levels to pursue their passion.

Are you considering building your own shop to hone your skills and take your projects to the next level? As you’re considering design elements for your own woodshop shed, here are some things to keep in mind:

Why Choose a Custom Shed?

Custom-designed sheds are built to your exact specifications. This means your dream woodshop can truly become a reality! From premium materials to the interior layout and custom exterior options, you have complete control over the design!

16X24 Cohasset with transom window, 6′ sliding door, three large side bronze windows, and pine siding

Custom Features for Woodshop Sheds

Durable Building Materials 

It takes a sturdy shed to house the heavy materials and equipment it takes to make your craft possible. A durable shed built only with premium materials will be able to withstand frequent wear-and-tear while also maintaining its aesthetic beauty for far longer than many alternatives. 

Spacious Interior 

To craft your dream projects, you need the right amount of floor space to accommodate all your equipment and materials. In addition, you need extra room to move around freely and maneuver as you work. Whether a small studio or large open shed, you can design an ideal woodshop that is built to your exact specifications.

Custom Built-In Shelving

Having your tools and accessories within reach is not only convenient but necessary for a woodworker. Custom shelving built directly into the wall ensures that you can store and organize both heavy and light objects for easy access as you’re working on your project. 

Custom-Designed Workbenches

A smooth, level, and durable working surface can make an incredible difference to your finished project. Unfortunately, many store-bought workbench options are pre-sized and may be crafted from flimsier materials like plastic. They may also be the wrong height for your particular needs.

A custom-designed wooden workbench that is carefully leveled, finished, and constructed from premium materials solves these common issues. You can determine its exact dimensions and placement in your shed. Instead of being just another object taking up floor space, your own personalized workbench will become the focal point of your dream woodshop. 

Room Partitions 

If you are planning on using your shed for more than one purpose, a room partition can help divide your space to your liking. For example, you may want to use the other half as a bar or hangout space. In that case, a partition can help keep your projects safely out of reach while keeping lumber and sawdust out of your entertaining area.  

Storage Lofts 

Do you keep a large amount of raw lumber for your woodworking projects at one time? These pieces of wood can quickly take up floor space and turn your work area into a trip hazard. 

Storage lofts are a great way to create extra space in your woodshop shed. They’re perfect for storing and organizing lumber, woodworking equipment, and other items that you need to keep out of the way. This provides you with more space to move about freely and work comfortably. 

Insulated Doors and Windows

Many woodworking materials are sensitive to environmental changes such as dampness and extreme temperature fluctuations. For example, too much heat or humidity can cause warping, which may render some pieces of lumber unusable.  

By installing insulated doors and windows, you can protect your woods and projects from the elements to ensure they retain their quality. Insulated doors and windows also help to reduce outside noise, which can eliminate distractions while you’re handling equipment. 

Electrical Connection

Modern woodworking often involves the use of power tools that require an electrical connection. A full electrical connection will eliminate the need to run dangerous extension cords from your home. It will ensure that you’re set up and always able to power up your equipment when you’re ready to tackle a project. 

An electrical connection can also help provide some comforts of home while you’re working. Consider connecting other amenities like: 

  • Decorative lighting fixtures to brighten up the interior
  • A wall-mounted television to watch your favorite shows and movies
  • A mini-fridge to keep cool drinks on hand
  • A fan, air conditioning unit, or heating system to stay comfortable year-round 
  • An air filter to remove airborne sawdust particles

Design Your Dream Woodshop Shed in New England Today

At Post Woodworking, we’re just as passionate as you are about woodworking. Since 1962, we have designed countless custom sheds throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and southern Maine to help big dreamers like you make their visions a reality. 

If you’re looking to create a woodshop shed to pursue your passions, find inspiration in these shed styles or start designing your own with our Shedview tool.

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